West Deptford Power Station

New Jersey

west deptford power station

West Deptford Energy Center (WDE) is a natural gas-fired combined-cycle power plant with a generating capacity of 751 megawatts. WDE began commercial operations in November 2014, and has supplied power to the PJM market, which is North America’s largest wholesale power market. West Deptford Power Station is well positioned as one of the most advanced power resources in northeastern PJM and is expected to play an important role in maintaining a stable and environmentally friendly power supply in that region at a time when the industry is transitioning away from older, less efficient generating resources.

In 2016, Perennial Power acquired 10% interest in the West Deptford Power Station, from an affiliate of LS Power Group together with other new partners: Marubeni Corporation, Ullico,Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, and Prudential Capital Group.

Capacity: 751 MW
Technology: 2×2 Siemens 7FA NGCC
COD: Nov 2014
Partners: LS Power, Kansai, Marubeni, Prudential, Ullico, ASCR
Market: PJM
Project Share: 10%