Hermiston Generating Plant


Hermiston generating plant

Hermiston Generating Plant (HGP) is located in northeastern Oregon, nine miles south of the Columbia River. HGP is a 474 megawatt highly reliable modern natural gas fueled power plant that provides power for nearly 500,000 households in the Pacific Northwest. The plant also provides steam to Lamb-Weston’s adjacent potato processing plant.

HGP was built by Bechtel for U.S. Generating Company in 1996. The plant is based on two General Electric Frame 7FA combustion turbine generators operating in combined-cycle with two heat recovery steam generators and two General Electric A10 steam turbine generators.

In December 2002, Perennial acquired a 25% stake in HGP, and increased its investment to 50% and became the plant manager and operator in November 2004. HGP has been recognized by the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (OR-OSHA) for the plant’s exceptional health and safety record with 27 years of no Lost Time Accidents. HGP has also received several awards from Combined Cycle Journal for safe operations and best practices.

Capacity: 474 MW
Technology: 2×2 GE 7FA NGCC Cogen
COD: Jul 1996
Partner: PacifiCorp
Market: Northwest
Project Share: 50%